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4. Using Tools

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In this guide, we’ll explore the use of tools within SL Colonies, an essential aspect of gameplay that enhances your interaction with the environment and boosts your crafting and gathering capabilities. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to start your journey or an existing player looking to optimize your tool usage, this article serves as your definitive resource.


Introduction to Tools in SL Colonies

Tools in SL Colonies are not just functional; they embody your character’s ability to interact with the world. From farming to crafting, tools are indispensable for your progress and success in the game. Understanding how to use, manage, and maintain your tools effectively is crucial for any aspiring colonist.


Acquiring Your First Set of Tools

Upon entering SL Colonies, each player is equipped with a basic set of tools, providing the foundation for your crafting and gathering activities. These tools are accessible through the HUD, ensuring you have everything you need to begin your adventure.


Features of Tools

  1. Durability and Maintenance: Tools have a durability feature that requires regular replacement to ensure uninterrupted usage.
  2. Variety of Uses: Each tool has specific functions, from tilling soil with a hoe to chopping wood with an axe, defining your interaction with various elements of the game.
  3. Tool Management: Understanding when to use, replace, or upgrade your tools is key to efficient gameplay.


Using Tools Effectively

  1. Attaching Tools to Your Avatar: Navigate to the tool icon on your HUD and select ‘Use Tool’ to equip your character with the desired tool.
  2. Managing Tool Durability: Monitor your tool’s durability. Once it runs low, consider replacing it to maintain efficiency.
  3. Upgrading and Acquiring New Tools: Players can obtain new or better tools to enhance their capabilities by crafting, trading, or purchasing from the Marketplace HUB.


Obtaining Tools When Needed

  1. In-Game Acquisition: Should you find yourself needing a new tool, the ‘Get Tool’ feature allows you to add tools directly to your HUD, provided you are in an SL Colonies region with an SLC Region Server.
  2. SLC Emporium: Players located on land without an SLC Region Server can visit the SLC Emporium, where tools can be readily added to your HUD.
  3. Marketplace and Crafting: Lacking a specific tool? Engage with the community through trading, purchase tools using SLC Coins at the Marketplace HUB, or craft your own at various crafting stations.



Tools are the heart of your SL Colonies experience, enabling you to craft, gather, and thrive within the game. By mastering the use of tools, you ensure that your journey in SL Colonies is both productive and enjoyable. Remember, the right tool not only makes any job possible but also paves the way for the advancement of your character and the community.


Tutorial: How to use Tools

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to use Tools within SL Colonies: