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3. Experience & Leveling

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In this guide, we’ll explore how to effectively use the Experience & Leveling Station, a pivotal tool for enhancing gameplay. Whether you’re new to the world of SL Colonies or looking to refine your character’s skills and professions, this guide is your go-to resource.


Introduction to the Experience & Leveling Station

The Experience & Leveling Station is your central hub for leveling up your character and choosing or changing your profession. This system allows you to earn experience, level up, and fine-tune your character to suit your desired playstyle.


Finding the Leveling Station

Located in the Colonies Emporium, the Leveling Station can be found by walking down to the back of the store through the archways. Here, you’ll see a large station marked as the “Leveling Station.”


Features of the Leveling Station

  1. Level Up Your Character: Increase your character’s level to improve stats and abilities.
  2. Change Class/Profession: Select a profession that aligns with how you wish to engage with the game.
  3. View and Increase Stats: Check your current stats and use experience points to enhance them.


How to Use the Station

  1. Access Your Details: Step onto the station with your HUD & Meter on to load your character details.
  2. Understanding Your Stats: Review your stats, such as strength, health, and dexterity. 
  3. Choosing a Profession: Initially, you’ll start as a “colonist” without a specific profession. Use the “Change Class” function to browse and select from various professions. Each profession has its benefits, impacting your gameplay experience.
  4. Leveling Up: With sufficient experience, you can choose to level up your character, which increases your stats and abilities. Each level-up provides a stat point to allocate to your primary stats.


Selecting a Profession

  1. You’ll initially be a colonist, allowing you to explore different types of crafting and gathering.
  2. Upon deciding, you can change your profession through the station, with your first change being free.
  3. Different professions have different crafting stations to use in order to gain experience. Refer to documentation on professions to learn more.


Changing Levels and Stats

  1. Adding a level requires crafting experience, with costs increasing at each level.
  2. Upon leveling up, you’ll receive a stat point to enhance one of your primary stats.
  3. For details on how stats affect your gameplay, refer to the SL Colonies documentation.


Additional Resources

For further information on professions, stat impacts, and more, read the documentation. If you have questions or need assistance, our community forums and Discord channel are always open for support.



The Experience & Leveling Station is a vital part of SL Colonies, offering a pathway to enrich your character’s journey. By understanding and utilizing this station, you can tailor your gameplay experience to perfectly match your playstyle.


Tutorial: How to use the Experience & Leveling Station

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to use the Experience & Leveling Station within SL Colonies: