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3. The Compass HUD

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The SL Colonies Compass HUD is an innovative tool designed to enhance your adventure and resource gathering experience within the vast Second Life Grid. This guide will walk you through the functionalities of the Compass HUD, enabling you to efficiently search for and collect a wide range of resources essential for crafting.


Getting Started with the Compass HUD

The Compass HUD is part of the SL Colonies HUD package, aimed at players who wish to engage in treasure hunting and resource gathering across different regions.


Key Features

  1. Resource Search: Allows players to select and search for resources such as flora, berries, herbs, fungi, and insects.
  2. Directional Guidance: Provides directional indicators to the nearest resource, with distance indicated by color-coded bars.
  3. Energy Consumption: Each search uses energy, with a cooldown period to manage resourcefulness.


How to Use the Compass

  1. Selecting a Resource: Open the Compass HUD interface and choose the type of resource you wish to find.
  2. Initiating a Search: Press the search button. The compass will point towards the direction of the selected resource, with the distance indicated by the color of the bar (red for distant, yellow for medium range, and green for close proximity).
  3. Collecting Resources: Once located, you will collect the resource. The tutorial demonstrates collecting various resources, emphasizing the alignment of compass direction with player movement.


Customization and Additional Features

  • Adjustable Size: The compass size can be modified for user convenience.



The Compass HUD is a crucial tool for SL Colonies players, offering an immersive method for resource gathering and exploration. This tutorial aims to equip you with the knowledge to make the most out of your Compass HUD, enhancing your gameplay experience in SL Colonies.


Tutorial: How to use The Compass

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to use the Compass HUD: