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6. Special Stats

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This guide dives into the Special Stats system of SL Colonies, a crucial feature that allows players to tailor their characters’ abilities to fit their play style. Ideal for both new adventurers and seasoned veterans, this article serves as your ultimate handbook for understanding and utilizing special stats effectively in the game.

Introduction to Special Stats in SL Colonies

Special Stats in SL Colonies provide a way for players to enhance their characters beyond the basic attributes provided by their race and initial level-ups. These stats impact various aspects of your character’s performance, such as health, energy, and hunger, enabling a deeper and more personalized gameplay experience. Mastery of this system allows players to strategically design their characters to align with their desired roles within the game world.

Accessing and Managing Special Stats

To begin optimizing your character with Special Stats, players must first access the special stats management system via our website at https://meter.slcolonies.com. Here, players can log in to their accounts and navigate to the Special Stats section to make their adjustments.

Features of the Special Stats System

  1. Initial Stat Distribution: Upon opting into the Special Stats program, a character’s major stats are reduced slightly, providing a pool of points that players can reallocate to better suit their strategy.
  2. Customizable Allocation: Players receive a number of points that they can distribute among their stats. This system encourages thoughtful customization based on the player’s specific needs or gameplay style.
  3. Permanent Choices: Once special stats are set, they cannot be changed without moderator intervention, emphasizing the importance of careful planning and decision-making.

Navigating the Special Stats Interface

  1. Opt-In System: Players must agree to opt into the Special Stats program, acknowledging the shift in their stats and the start of their customization journey.
  2. Stat Modification Tools: The interface provides a straightforward tool for assigning the available stat points, with clear indicators of stat benefits such as increased health, energy, or reduced hunger.
  3. Applying Changes: After distributing points, changes can be immediately applied, and players can see the effects immediately.


The Special Stats system in SL Colonies offers a unique opportunity for players to deeply engage with the mechanics of character development. By effectively utilizing this system, players can create a character that truly represents their strategic preferences and role-playing style. Whether you are aiming to become a formidable warrior, a nimble explorer, or a savvy trader, special stats are your gateway to a personalized and immersive experience in SL Colonies.

Remember, the decisions you make in assigning your special stats can profoundly affect your gameplay, so choose wisely and tailor your character to your vision of adventure in SL Colonies!


Tutorial: How to assign Special Stats

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to assign Special Stats to your character within SL Colonies: