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5. Buying & Selling on Marketplace

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This guide delves into the Marketplace Hub of SL Colonies, a pivotal feature that facilitates trading, buying, and selling within the game. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur in the virtual world or an experienced player aiming to master the marketplace, this article is your comprehensive handbook.


Introduction to the Marketplace Hub in SL Colonies

The Marketplace Hub stands as the commercial heartbeat of SL Colonies, connecting players through trade and commerce. Here, you can find everything from essential ingredients to rare items, making it an indispensable tool for progressing and enriching your gameplay. Grasping the functionalities and strategies of the marketplace will significantly enhance your SL Colonies experience.


Accessing the Marketplace Hub

Located within the SL Colonies Emporium, the Marketplace Hub can also be found in player worlds. To interact, simply walk up and left-click on the hub, choosing between web-based and HUD-based options for your convenience.


Features of the Marketplace Hub

  1. Web-based and HUD-based Access: Depending on your preference or technical issues, choose the most suitable access method.

  2. Vast Inventory: With pages of items listed alphabetically, you can browse or search for specific items effortlessly.

  3. Sorting and Filtering: Easily find what you need by sorting items by type or searching by name.

  4. Market Seeding: System-seeded items are readily available alongside player-crafted goods, which add a unique variety to the marketplace.


Navigating the Marketplace Hub

  1. Buying Items: Learn the specifics of buying, including understanding item availability and making purchases directly from the hub.

  2. Selling Your Items: Discover how to sell your crafted goods or unwanted items back to the market for coins.

  3. Understanding Market Values: Get to know the market’s buying and selling value system to maximize your profits and savings.


Special Sections of the Marketplace Hub

  1. XP Store: Explore items necessary for crafting, which are available for purchase with crafting experience points.
  2. Platinum Store: Exclusively for Patreon members, this section offers special items purchasable with platinum.



The Marketplace Hub is more than just a place to buy and sell items; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that fosters player interaction and economic growth within SL Colonies. By effectively utilizing the hub, you can enhance your gameplay, contribute to the community’s economy, and achieve your in-game objectives. Whether you’re trading goods, purchasing essentials, or exploring the array of items available, the Marketplace Hub is your gateway to a thriving virtual life in SL Colonies.

Remember, engaging with the marketplace not only supports your own progress but also the vibrant community of SL Colonies.


Tutorial: How to use the Marketplace HUB

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to use Tools within SL Colonies: